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Newsletter #155 JAN/FEB Now Available in Newsletter Archive - MEMBERS ONLY

 Note:  VRCS Hall of Fame listing is updated with links to AMA Hall of Fame Documents where the documents are available. 

Please note we have added a 'FOR SALE' menu item at the bottom of the menu on the left. While we have tried this before with low use we will give it another round and see if it gets any use.

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ELIGIBLE AIRCRAFT (as of April 2015)

Any airplane that was designed for radio control and was kitted, published or flown (attested to by the builder) and meets the following classifications is eligible.


There are three classifications;


  1. PIONEER prior to January 1, 1955
    2. CLASSIC prior to January 1, 1965
    3. NOSTALGIA thirty five years before January 1 of the current year.

Exception: Planes entered in Concours, Pattern or Scale competition must be designed prior to January1, 1976.