New Theme Plane Competition

2018 VR/CS Theme Plane Announcement.

After many years of service to the VR/CS, Dave Platt has stepped down from the Chairmanship of the Theme plane committee. It is in honor of his service to VR/CS and a life time of legendary contributions to the sport of radio control flying, that we dedicate this year's Theme plane to him, after all it is his own.

We proudly announce the selection of Dave's ubiquitous design of the CONTENDER as the theme plane design for 2018! The Contender has, since its introduction in 1969, been a continuous presence at flying fields all over the world for over 43 years, and is still going strong. That says a lot about Dave's design abilities.

Plans of the original version are still available from several sources and original 1970's era Top Flite kits can still be found. Tower Hobbies also offers a mini ARF electric powered version and a full size kit. Be aware that while the Tower Hobbies versions have the same outside outlines as the original Platt version, their construction and engineering is modern and has been extensively modified from Dave's original. Which means that they would be welcome for Open flying or Pattern competition (excepting the Mini version) and could even be entered in the judged Theme Plane and Concours competitions, but they would not be competitive against a Dave Platt/Top Flite original.

The Theme Plane Committee has established a set of five criteria for selection of future Theme Plane designs.

The Theme Plane design must:

1. Be historically significant.

2. Have been a popular design.

3. Have uncomplicated construction.

4. Be of a size that can be transported in most vehicles.

5. Have plans, kits or semi-kits available for builders

The Theme Plane Committee has also come up with a new wrinkle for Theme Plane participation.

We are initiating a Theme Plane Photo Contest.

Here is how it will work:

1. The contest will begin in January of the Theme Plane year and will end the January of the following year.

2. Any person who builds or has previously built the Theme plane (whether it is still in existence or not) can submit, by email, a photograph of their airplane to the VR/CS Webmaster (  in the form of a .jpg file. Making sure they include their name and email address.

3.The Webmaster will consecutively number each photograph and add the photo to a viewable file on the VR/CS website. Each viewable photo will only be displayed with its number and not the name of the builder. The Webmaster will keep a separate file with the name and number of each contestant.

4. After the contest time period ends, a ballot will be made available on the website for members to vote for their favorite plane. The votes will be electronically tabulated.

5.The winner will be announced on the website and in the March/April issue of the Newsletter.

6. The winner will receive a nicely framed copy of his plane's photograph mounted with an engraved plaque and a free one year membership to VR/CS.

For Additional recognition, all Contest Directors and Event Directors will be tasked to photograph every Theme plane that is in attendance at their event and to send the photos to the Theme Plane Committee chair  John Haffner (johnh@dmv.comfor inclusion in the next Newsletter.

Please make sure that the plane owner/builder is identified for each picture. It is also the desire of the Theme Plane Committee to make a kit or semi-kit available for each Theme Plane. We are working hard to make that happen. If we are successful we will make the information available on the web site.