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VRCS Categories and Definitions


The practice of building and flying vintage radio control (RC) aircraft is intended to be casual, enjoyable and interesting for everyone involved, with no desire to advance aeromodeling’s state-of-the-art or rewrite what has been recorded in aeromodeling history. The intent of these guidelines is to define the requirements for airplanes flown at Vintage RC Society events, and to provide consistency in these events.


These official guidelines shall apply to all models flown at Vintage RC Society events, with their emphasis on maintaining the primary objectives of the group. These primary objectives are to preserve and promote the memory of radio control aeromodeling activity as it was in the past.

Pilots are responsible for furnishing documentation for any model not on the “VRCS Approved Airplanes List” as published on the website (


Any model flown at a Vintage RC Society event or entered into a VRCS competition category must be no less than 35 calendar years old (i.e.: in the year 2017, the design may be no newer than 1982).