Aircraft Requirements: Pattern
(revised 04/13)

1. All airplanes must have been designed for radio control.

2. Airplane must be built to the planform (outline) of the submitted plans or documentation.

3. Original airfoils must be maintained.

4. Changes to employ bolt-on wings instead of rubber bands are permitted.

5. Stabilizer location may be altered.

6. Foam or other types of wings may be substituted for built-up balsa or other types.

7. Strip ailerons may be substituted for barn-door-style ailerons.

8. Correct scale must be maintained: No increase or decrease in size is permitted.

9. The pilot does not have to be the builder of the model.

10. Retractable landing gear are permitted but must remain extended during flight.

11. Original plan materials and/or construction techniques need not be followed.

12. Power

a. Any side-exhaust, two-stroke engine up to and including .91 cubic inches (15cc) is permitted.

b. Four-stroke engines up to and including 1.20 cubic inches (20cc) without air chambers or supercharging of any kind are permitted.

c. The use of vintage engines is permitted, provided the above guidelines are met.

    However, all engines must use an effective muffler. Tuned pipes are prohibited.

d. Electric power is limited to 900 watts.

13. Any RC system within current AMA/FCC guidelines is permitted for use.