Spirit of Selinsgrove: An award to honor a person that has contributed mightily to the "vintage" movement.
This person might be one that worked for the Society as an officer, editor or as a frequent contributor to the
Newsletter or other publications. Efforts to help run the reunions or organize one might be recognized with this
award. This is an organizational award since it is the award that carries the Selinsgrove name and it was the
organizers of that effort that are remembered with the award's name.



Dr. Walter Good Technical Achievement: An award to honor those that keep the memory of the pioneer equipment
developers alive by restoring or recreating some early radio or actuating system. This award was renamed in 2003 to
honor Dr. Walter Good, who is recognized as the major contributor to radio control model aviation. The ongoing
purpose of this award is to promote both recreation of vintage systems with modern gear and restoration of vintage
systems. Both will be considered on an equal basis.


Concours: This award is intended to recognize the one vintage aircraft project that truly represents the early days.
The project should be as exact as possible in outline using the construction techniques of the original. Projects to be
considered should have the same covering, perhaps the same color scheme -- top consideration to the correct and
original power plant and radio system. The airplane should be flown and its flight characteristics should emulate
those of the original. This award should satisfy those that want absolute purity in the Society events and still allow
modern coverings and power plants for the majority of members attending the reunion.